Welcome to LilyPod’s new and fresh site/blog.

I will mostly be using this space initially to document my trip to India and then gradually move the content from the previous site here.

I feel blessed with the opportunities flowing my way and in light of the changes, I felt that it was time for me to take charge of my own cyber space and amend changes as they are necessary from home or where-ever HOME happens to be at any given time.

I am focusing on personalized lifestyle therapy programs based in Ayurveda, Yoga and Wellness. More on this to come.

For the time being,  feel free to leave any comments/suggestions on how I can serve you best.

Love, Light and Bliss

Liliana, Namaste

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  1. How brilliant you are writing this, and how exciting you are finally off to India! So very interested in where your Indian adventure takes you…it seems crazy that you are so near Vanessa who is on such a similar journey and are not scheduled to meet…but maybe you shall, we all know how India works xx

    • I am sure that if Vanessa and I are meant to cross paths we will.
      I am on day 2 of PK.
      Treatments are glorious except for the uncomfortableness of the wooden treatment table.
      I am in paradise.
      Love and light to you from a little corner of the universe.

  2. Soul sister,

    What a great trip and what a great experience! Whish you so much fun and wisdom, enjoy every single bit of it, even the wooden treatment tables 😉


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