Indian delights….


I have not had the chance for an update, few reasons besides the obvious… Internet connection is quite spoty in this corner of the universe.

I am on day 10 of PK (Pancha-Karma) herbs and a few other treatments have taken a course of their own as per doctor’s orders….. I am done with the castor oil to be quite frank. All is smooth except that I have had to request my food to be made much lighter as the Kerala delights are too heavy for my sensitive Vata colon.

I have had the tremendous luck to tag along with some of the staff to go to on of South India’s most famous temples:  in GURUVAYOOR, “House of Lord Krisna”. I do not recall ever seeing an elephant in real life or maybe at a Zoo somewhere?? Guess if I had seen one it did not make much of an impression on me but this time it was a whole other ball game. There is very few animals that can take ur breath away and personally i think that an elephant ranks rather high on that scale. They are so utterly gorgeous, big, fat and slow. They have the sweetest looking faces in comparison to how huge they actually really are. In India they are used for 3 main purposes (my lovely care-taker tells me): 1- Parades at Temples, 2- In the field collecting big logs of wood or any heavy objects, 3- the Circus.

I was not able to take photos at the entrance of the temple, sadly because we happened to be at the right place at the right time when the elephants were exiting the temple in their leisure stroll….. looking so calm and steady, so Kapha like. Those pictures could have been some of the best I have ever taken, guess they will remain rooted in my India memoirs for eve and ever amen.

Only 4 days to go for the end of the of the PK line. I am looking forward to exploring the area some more and possibly take a small trip somewhere for a few days. I have not been this relaxed since my days living in Ibiza where the biggest stress one could ever have was – to peel yourself of the beloved “Benirras beach” after a spectacular setting of the miraculous sun.

Let the ball continue rolling…… Enjoy the photos.

Namaste X


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Liilamaya RYT500 by: Kula Collective & Raja Dhiraja Yoga teacher. She is also an Ayurveda therapist/educator and free-lance writer and contributor for Gaiam TV - My Yoga online and Elephant Journal, blogger of several wellness pages where she shares her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle with Yoga & Ayurveda. Liilamaya has over 16 years of experience teaching Yoga, runs International Yoga & Ayurveda retreats and is the Director of the "Yoga & Ayurveda school for the Healing Arts" (registered with Yoga Alliance) specializing in Yoga Teacher Trainings, Ayurvedic Therapies, Health & wellness in Mexico, Morocco and Ibiza. At LilyPod Yoga & Ayurveda we aim at restoring balance of body and mind through Ayurvedic consultations, Yoga Retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings, cooking classes, Ayurveda products, lifestyle Therapy programs, massage therapy, healthy tips, asana for your type and more… Learn, Teach, Inspire. Namaste

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