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There is a million and one reasons why make the -thousands of  miles- long journey over to India; once you are there, every day that passes seems to be an awakening into a past life and a remembrance that we are ancient beings reliving what we already know.

For a country as massive as India, there is endless languages, dialects, traditions, religions, endless ways to cook rice and all as delicious as the other, its all indeed an awakening of all the senses yet to take us right back to the source of non-doing.

I have only seen a tiny micro-cosmos of the vast sea of possibilities of India. I am still thirsty for more……… I must go back.

The pictures depict the beginning of a journey that has no end, it is only a transcendental stage into the now of what has been, is… and will be.

Home is where the heart is.





Kerala cuisine. It’s mostly gluten and wheat free, easy to make and medicinal for the body. What else do you need? Recipes on my up and coming recipe book 🙂


We had a powerful and loud thunder and lightning storm here a few days ago, left us with out wifi for 3 days. Un-usual for this time of the year but nature was grateful.

No wifi…Ho dear…. kinda used to it by now, its good for a city slicker.

Counting the days until I go to Goa. Kind of disappointed with this place actually. Live and Learn.

Making the best of adversity is a good lesson to learn.

A pic of the food I am learning to make…. Yum.


Kerala Cusine. …