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Tips on improving digestion










– Avoid too many colonics as they weaken the digestive tract
– Scrape your tongue first thing in the morning upon waking after brushing teeth.
– Wake up early, between 6 and 6:30 AM
– Regular diet of fruit and veggies that are not too hard to digest such as carrots, otherwise cook them gently.
– Avoid coffee or black tea, instead teas made with fennel, cumin, mint, ginger etc… Ginger is best!
– Exercise a little every day
– Take either psyllium husks or triphala every day before bed time with little warm liquid. (You may you able to get triphala at a health food store)
– For severe constipation take castor oil (horrible taste but it is the BEST to coat the colon and bring back moisture) Take it with ginger tea.
– Add more oils (sesame and olive oil) to your diet as well as bulk food such as: grains, bran, little nuts.
– Take prune juice every day or aloe vera in liquid form.
– If you are very constipated, try a sesame oil enema. Best way to bring oil into the colon.

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