Our Surf & Yoga retreats are unique in every aspect as we do our best to respect the spirit & authenticity of both this ART forms which are are divinely connected to support each other to help us arrive closer to our true nature.

This retreat will be 6 days in total.
Surfing and Yoga lessons are included as well as fresh gorgeous Moroccan food, accommodation at a beach front property at the magical Bay of Aftas Imsouane/Agadir and a warm and welcoming Spirit!!

There will be time to explore the culture and beautiful surroundings.

Spaces are limited so please inquire within.

For further info and to book your place, visit:

See you soon,



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  1. Salut Liliana,
    je t’ai connu l’année dernière lorsque tu enseignais chez Ann Mcmillan, j’étais stagiaire pour la formation au sol. J’aimerais savoir je cherche à faire une retraite de yoga en europe…Est-ce que tu as des endroits à me suggérer…Autour du mois juin-juillet.
    Merci !

    Mélissa Élias

    • Hola, Salut Melissa,
      Merci, Thank you for getting non touch.
      I will be in Ibiza for the whole Summer so please get in touch so we can do Yoga together.
      I will be hosting regular classes on a weekly basis as well as workshops and courses if you are interested.

      Hope to see you there this Summer!


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