Ayurveda’s aim is to balance the body’s fundamental forces known as “doshas” that govern each person.

Discover which dosha you are in order to understand yourself better and the world around you!

Fill out the following questionnaire:

Which of the following attributes you have most of or do are you mostly?

(Be as honest as you possible )

Check next to the appropriate letter below after each question. You can keep score at the bottom where is marked.

What words from the list below most resonate with you and your make up?

● Hot, sharp, intense, oily?                         P

● Dense, cold, dull, naturally strong?         K

● Dry, rough, cold, erratic?                       V

1- Physical characteristics:

What is your natural build:

● Are you very short or very tall, with irregular body features & small frame?        V

● Do you have thick & strong bones, lubricated joints, wide & square frame?       K

● Are you medium build with a well proportion naturally athletic body?                 P

2- Physiological Functions:


● Moderate but present even when NOT exercising. Hands often clammy.            K

● Profuse, especially when hot.                                                                                 P

● Minimal.                                                                                                                   V

Elimination: (Sorry for the personal question but in Ayurveda this is extremely important)

● Without difficulty, 2-3 times per day.                                                         P

● Irregular often constipated, hard dry stools.                                              V

● Slow.                                                                                                          K


● Sharp, clear & precise.                                                                                   P

● Fast.                                                                                                                V

● Slow maybe labored.                                                                                      K

3- Psychological aspects:


● Many creative ideas but may not get them done.                                           V

● Slow, cannot be rushed into thinking.                                                            K

● Precise, logical, good planner, gets plans done.                                            P

Emotional tendencies (ask your companion to answer this question for you)

● Attachment, possessiveness, stubborn.                                                          K

● Anger, judgement, irritability, self-centered.                                                    P

● Anxiety, nervousness, fear, fidgety.                                                                 V





If you are V: VATA 

Made out of Ether & Air in relevance to the 5 elements.

You need to center and ground, practice Yoga and meditation, eat nurturing warm food (nothing

cold especially in the winter)

If you are P: PITTA 

Made out of Fire and water.

You need to cool and calm down, practice pranayama (breathing exercises), eat cooling, raw

food, healthy juices & smoothies.

 If you are K: KAPHA 

Made out of Water and Earth.

You need to engage in strenuous daily activities, practice power Yoga and eat very light and

healthy food in small amounts.

We hope this questionnaire has helped see a further light into your own being.